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Sharp Women Magazine is an E-zine created and published by Sharp Women. The magazine is free for end users, and contains articles, features, advertorials, advertisements and interactive activities. It is published monthly.

The Sharp Women brand is committed to elevating women to live their lives on point.

Currently, there are two chapters of Sharp Women:
- Central Alberta
- Heartland (Greater Edmonton Region of Alberta)

You are here because you have an interest in submitting a column for consideration of publication in our magazines. If published, your article will go into both magazines. You will be notified of the issue in which it will be published.

The column topics are:
- Business
- Finance
- Health & Wellness
- Personal Growth
- Professional Development
- Relationships
- Spirituality

Please indicate under the title of your article (in your attached document) the column topic to which your article relates.

You'll receive a notice from the Sharp Women Central Office as to the status of your submission. Revisions may be requested.

Thank you for your interest. Stay Sharp!
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Contributors must:

  1. Complete this application in full, which details details:
    • - The content and heart of the message and lens of the article.
    • - The category for which the article is being submitted
  2. Ensure that the word count is a maximum total (including 2-3 sentence bio) of 700 (can be written either as one article, or as a 600-word article and a 100-word sidebar) in 11pt Arial font;
  3. Include a short (2-3 sentences) bio and professional headshot of the author (included in the word count).
  4. Understand that, if links are provided, as an unpaid contribution, the author’s contact information or website will not be hyperlinked.
  5. Include at least one content-related image that is web-friendly (maximum 60MP or 500KB and 1500-2500 pixels), in .jpg or .png format. The sender must have permission to use these images.
  6. Include citations, with links, to any external references. If no appropriate image is available to the author, the publishers may use one of their stock images.
  7. Agree to market the article once it is published by sharing it with their email list and posting on social media channels, tagging Sharp Women.

All content is owned by Sharp Women Magazine. As an author, you will receive a jpg of your article after publication, which you are strongly encouraged to share on your social channels. All social posts must include the magazine’s “subscribe” link, found here

You may not republish any Sharp Women Magazine content, including articles you have authored, in any other publication, without the express written consent of Sharp Women Magazine. Request permission by writing to [email protected]

Sharp Women Magazine is committed to supporting women to achieve optimal health and wellness, success and prosperity, and personal freedom. As such, the publisher reserves the right to refuse Ads or articles that contain:

  • - Illegal products or services
  • - Promotion of discriminatory practices
  • - Misleading claims or misinformation
  • - Content promoting one particular political party or viewpoint
  • - Weapons, ammunition or explosives
  • - Illicit or illegal drugs and drug-related products
  • - Non-functioning links or no links
  • - Poor grammar and/or profanity
  • - Spyware or malware

    Sharp Women Magazine will never sell or disclose its membership list or any contact information of its members. The publisher reserves the right to refuse advertising and/or authored articles to any company, organization or individual that engages in this practice.

    The Editor reserves the right to proof and edit content, without changing the intent.

    The Editor reserves the right to challenge statements and assertions of fact where citations or proof of fact is not offered.

    Sharp Women Magazine reserves the right to reject material that promotes, in the view of the publishers, unsafe or unhealthy practices, hate speech or other inflammatory content. Online comments are subject to review and deletion if deemed inappropriate.

    The material and content on this site are for information purposes only. Sharp Women Magazine assumes no liability or responsibility for any inaccurate or incomplete information, nor for any action taken as a result. Content has been contributed by individuals, events and/or organizations, and, as such, may not have been verified by the publishers.

    The opinions expressed in articles, features, ads and editorials are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the publishers.

    Any reproduction of the content and material in Sharp Women Magazine, without the express written permission of the publishers is strictly prohibited, though sharing links to the magazine and/or its articles on social media, with credit, is permitted.