In 2019, Ranchelle Van Bryce brought Danielle Klooster an idea for an event for Central Alberta women. Danielle thought it was a great idea but said no (a few times) to being involved. After a lot more conversation, the two women agreed on a shared vision, and The Sharp Event 2020 was born.

What happened at that event was magical! Turns out women are hungry for authenticity, connection and challenge. The Sharp Women movement and brand, cofounded by Ranchelle and Danielle, was launched in May of 2020 and has taken the region by storm.

Ranchelle VanBryce

Ranchelle is the founder of Ignite your Success where she offers coaching, events, and experiences such as Wine, Women & Business (Red Deer Chapter), Chaos to Calm TeleSummit, 1:1 coaching and other training.

An expert in entrepreneurship, sales and marketing led her to develop a system called The Profit Formula, to help businesses understand the psychology of sales, why some advertising works, marketing, and the motivating factors as to ‘why people buy’.

Ranchelle’s desire is to change the way women look at their business. She strives to help women understand what conscious marketing means, to ensure that their brand stands up and stands out and to be aware of how science, technology and love can aid in building the business of their dreams and PREVENT the agony of burnout so that they can create the lifestyle that ignited their passion to have their own business.

Danielle Klooster

Danielle has lived in Penhold since 2000. She has served the community in many capacities including two terms on Town Council, and as a candidate for MLA in a couple of provincial elections.

She has been operating her consulting practice, Danikloo Consulting, since 2012. As a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and leading Central Alberta Organizational Development Specialist, Danielle delivers strategy, planning, coaching, training, board-building, facilitation, public speaking and professional writing services. She published her first full book last fall, Five Terrible Reasons to Run for Municipal Office.

Danielle was a nominee for the 2019 Red Deer & District Women of Excellence Awards, in the category of Community.

She is a passionate advocate for community and business development and seeks to use her influence and experience to positively impact those around her.