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YES, I am ready to share my story and become a bestselling author.

Women Saying Yes

Yes, please contact me Ranchelle so that we can explore what becoming an author in 2022 could look like for me.

I promise that when you connect with me I will do my best to connect with you as soon as I can.

    Dear Sharp Women,

    I am so excited that you are considering taking the leap to becoming an author.

    If you are reading this paragraph then you still have some hesitancy in saying yes. I get it! I have been asked 5 times to be part of a book and have been encouraged by all of my mentors to write my own.

    Here is what stopped me from saying yes, perhaps you can relate?

    • I wasn’t sure if I had enough of a ‘story’ to share. I was judging that my life experiences weren’t valuable enough to share.

    Over the last few years I have seen the truth in this excuse that I was using was my ‘I am not enough and I am not valuable’ limiting belief emerging. To be frank, every author that I have spoken to has felt the same thing. Don’t worry, I have this covered and I will share with you what I did to overcome that.

    • I write like I talk.

    Most of us do. That is why we have an amazing editor who will take your story and tie it together so that it has the impact that you desire.

    • I know I have a story but I don’t know how to get it on paper.

    No worries, we have an interview process developed so that if you want to be interviewed we write the story on your behalf.

    • I don’t understand how being an author will help me in my business.

    I had that thought too. I have seen a lot of women who have written a book, then done nothing with it. The truth is, the money doesn’t come from selling the book. What writing a book (especially a bestseller) can do for you is that it increases the exposure of your Brand, It can set you apart from your competitors, and it opens the door for other opportunities (and this is just a few things.)

    This is why I am so excited because for some people who want that extra bit of support from me and the experts on my team, we can assist you (if you want).

    Last, but not least, by saying yes to an appointment does not mean that you are committing to being in the book, you are just saying yes to exploring the possibility of being an author and even better, a bestselling author.

    So, go ahead, and say yes!