Danielle Klooster

Danielle is a Certified Management Consultant and works as a business coach, trainer and strategist at On Point with Danielle Consulting. She is also the cofounder of Your Life, On Point the parent company of Sharp Women. Your Life, On Point publishes the series of Sharp Women Magazines, airs Sharp Women: The Podcast, and offers high-impact coaching.

Danielle helps entrepreneurs and professionals achieve their Bigg, Hairy, Audacious (BHAG) goals with clear strategy and intensive mindset development and elevates women to live their lives on point. She lives in Penhold.

Ranchelle Van Bryce

Ranchelle is a visionary, serial entrepreneur, and business builder. She is the founder of Ignite your Success, where she offers coaching, consulting, events, and experiences such as Wine, Women & Business (Red Deer Chapter). She is also the cofounder of  Your Life, On Point the parent company of Sharp Women. Your Life, On Point publishes the series of Sharp Women Magazines, airs Sharp Women: The Podcast, and offers high-impact coaching.

Ranchelle’s desire is to change the way women look at their business and lives, tapping into mindset and skillset development that positions them to show up as their best self in any and every circumstance.

Cheryl Viczko

As a Certified Feng Shui practitioner, Cheryl tunes into the energy of a space, which allows her to gently guide you, to create a more balanced life. Cheryl says Feng Shui is like a magic wand: once you know its power, you can make the chaos disappear. When you learn to move around even the smallest of objects you will take back control over your space, so rather than working AGAINST you it all starts working FOR you. Cheryl lives in Red Deer.

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Kalina White

Kalina White is a certified coach specializing in wellness and burnout. She empowers and supports professional women to create work-life balance transforming overwhelm, hopelessness and habits into awareness, choice, freedom and peace of mind.

Kalina has perfected the burnout identification process and has developed proven strategies within your busy lifestyle. Kalina understands and lives with the relentless demands of work and life responsibilities. She believes that holistic wellness is the foundation to a fulfilling and gratifying life. Over the last 3 years, Kalina has successfully provided exceptional guidance, care, empathy and support to many women by reversing the effects of self neglect, chronic stress, and fatigue. Kalina has gained the respect of her tribe, community and clients. The women excitedly report a renewed sense of accomplishment, joy, harmonious balance and personal empowerment.

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Kendra Irvine

Kendra Irvine is an Ayurvedic Health Counsellor Intern with the California College of Ayurveda, a Certified Wellness Coach, Professional Kinesiologist, and founder of Living Light Ayurveda. She teaches high-performing women how to create the best possible health using their unique body types to prevent dis-ease and solve common wellness challenges like poor sleep, low energy, and gut issues using her proven, signature system. Kendra offers Diet & Lifestyle Assessments and Programs, educational webinars, and experiential Ayurveda courses. She also works with corporate clients seeking wellness incentives for their teams.

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Carla Howatt

Carla Howatt is a 35-year resident of Strathcona County and has lived in Sherwood Park for the majority of those years. She owns a publishing company called By the Book, and spends her time writing for herself and others. In addition to being a business owner, a former elected official and an author of five books, Howatt is a communications specialist with experience in government relations and media relations. In her free time, Howatt enjoys letting her husband out into the yard to play and cuddling with their cats, Mercedes and Mufasa, on the couch.

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Shazma Charania

Shazma Charania, President of ZS Holdings was born and raised in Red Deer and still resides there with her husband Jamil and their two daughters. Shazma’s family has been in the hospitality business for over 30 years, their company Zainul & Shazma Holdings LTD is a family run operation that cultivates a positive corporate culture. Maintaining the values, work ethic and hospitableness that ZS Holdings LTD was founded on is an ongoing objective that is important to Shazma.

Shazma has completed her Bachelor of Commerce and holds a Master of Business Administration specializing in hospitality. During her undergraduate degree at University of Alberta, Shazma was given the opportunity to complete six months on a full scholarship at Tec de Monterrey, in Guadalajara, Mexico which has helped her acquire another language, Spanish. Her educational background mixed with her experience and community involvement enables Shazma to make decisions in a well-rounded manner. She has steered the growth of her family business from two to now seven hotels. ZS Holdings happily supports its community through many local organizations.

Shazma drives the company vision “To be an industry leader in selected emerging markets in Western Canada”. In pursuing that vision she has served on numerous Board positions, Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association as well as Red Deer Tourism locally, and since 2010, also served on the IHG Owner’s Association Americas – Holiday Inn, globally. Today, Shazma sits as Canadian Chair for the Owners Association and represents all IHG Brands.

Today, the company has multi-award winning locations in western Canada, and is an Employer of Choice in Alberta.

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Dr. Candice Stank

Health and wellness have always been a part of my life whether it was visits to the farm, whole foods meals, playing sports and dancing in high school and university. Eventually, I was inspired to pursue a career in Naturopathic Medicine.

One of the most impactful statements in clinical training was, “Doctor Heal Thyself”.  For me this meant being courageous and willing to work through my challenges and difficulties in order to be more empathic and helpful to my patients. Through my personal work, I’ve gained an understanding of the mind, ways we sabotage ourselves, and how to shift mindset.

I graduated from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA with an interest in depression, chronic fatigue and infections.  I’m what you might call a ‘free-style’ Naturopathic Doctor. I integrate science and energy medicine leading the “health conscious” movement in proactive care.

Some of my joys in life include: nature, meditation, quality time with family, friends and cats or researching health topics. I believe in the healing power of your body called the VIS. I also believe it’s your right to feel joyous and happy. Your health shouldn’t stand in the way of your overall wellness, your passion or your life.


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