Welcome to Sharp Women! Our mandate is to elevate women to live their lives on point.

Women have so much on their plates these days – life can feel like a never-ending “to-do” list, trying to meet demands and expectations and somehow look and feel awesome in the process.

But! What if the key to living your life on point isn’t “DO”ing more, but instead “BE”ing the best version of you? What if “success” is found in simply authentically showing up, free of perfectionism, comparison, competition and judgment?

Join the fastest growing women’s movement in Western Canada!

Sharp Women is a movement of women who want to shake off the shackles and live their best lives. We do this by:

Offering tools, resources and training with workshops, podcasts and masterclasses.

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Delivering a high-impact platform for women to learn, stretch, grow, and gain meaningful local exposure with the online Sharp Women Magazine.

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Creating opportunities to connect and build relationships with events and online community.

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